Mission Statement

The Indiana Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (INSGNA) is a society of nurses and other health care providers in Indiana engaged in the practice of Gastroenterology/Endoscopy.

The society shall promote and provide education and information to its members; it shall advocate optimal care for patients with digestive disease and those undergoing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

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  INSGNA Spring Conference

March 10, 2012

Renaissance Hotel

11925 North Meridian Street  

Carmel, IN 46032

Hosted by St Vincent Carmel Hospital
For additional information contact Deb Nesbitt at dsnesbit@stvincent.org, Nancy Bright at nkbright@stvincent.org, or Ann Minnicus at ann.minnicus@franciscanalliance.org
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Tell us about what is going on in your areas!!! We would really like to have the web site more active and provide you with communication about events that are up-coming for your areas. Our INSGNA region includes the entire state of Indiana. When you think about that, it is a pretty big territory. If you have Journal clubs that are meeting and would be open to others in the surrounding area to attend or other educational events that you would be willing to include visitors, please let us know. We can get those on the calendar so others can take advantage of the educational opportunities. You never know who may want to attend if they were aware of what is being offered! Just contact Lea Anne Myers at drmfwin@msn.com to get your events on the calendar


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2012 Annual Course Information Coming Soon

Click here for registration information.

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